SP leaders demand enhanced security in Uttar Pradesh over 'threats to their lives'

SP leaders demand enhanced security in Uttar Pradesh over ‘threats to their lives’


Published: 22:13 BST, 14 August 2013 | Updated: 22:13 BST, 14 August 2013

It’s not just the people – even lawmakers are feeling unsafe in Uttar Pradesh.

More than 150 legislators in the state, including 80 of the ruling Samajwadi Party (SP), are demanding enhanced security as they perceive “threats” to their lives.

What is more interesting is that even those with criminal antecedents want more security.

Some of the applicants, in fact, feel threat from their political rivals, primarily SP MLAs.

“The requests are pending with the department of home. Our problem is that we don’t have enough police escorts to fulfil the demand of the MLAs. We had sought report about the claim of some of the MLAs from their constituencies. The local administration did not substantiate their claim of threat to their lives. But still these MLAs are mounting pressure from all sides to provide them X and Y category of security. There are some who want Z category security,” an officer of department of home said on condition of anonymity.

Samajwadi Party MLA Arvind Singh Gope, like many other legislators in Uttar Pradesh, is provided with state security

Police excuses

“Whenever these MLAs contact us, we make an excuse that their request is under consideration. But the fact is it is practically impossible for us to provide them more security,” he said.

The officer said many MLAs demanding additional security are themselves named in criminal cases. For example, Jahanabad MLA Madan Gopal Verma, an SP leader, has asked for more security. Verma is in news at present because a court in Fatehpur has asked the police to file an FIR against him and his two dozen aides for allegedly repeatedly assaulting a Dalit woman between January and March this year.

“We have come to know that an armed policeman in his security was also involved in the crime,” the officer added.

An MLA in UP is entitled to one armed security personnel. But the majority of them have been given three more constables. If they get “X” category security, then four more policemen would be added to their ring.

Under “Y” category, they will get 11 more policemen, and under “Z” category the number will go up to 20 policemen. More importantly, they will get a mobile escort with them if any of these categories of security is allowed to them.

Upendra Tiwari, MLA from Phephna in Ballia, has said in his application that he is being threatened by Ambika Chaudhary, Cabinet Minister for Backward Class Welfare.

“I defeated Ambika in the assembly polls. His men attacked my supporters after the SP government was formed. Now I am receiving threat from his henchmen,” he said.

Sushil Singh, BSP MLA from Dhanapur, who is a relative of jailed Mafia don Brijsh Singh, has also sought security.

Reacting to the SP legislators’ demand for more security, Dwijendra Tripathi, the spokesperson of UP Congress Committee, said: “We can understand the threat to non-SP MLAs. But it sounds like a joke that the SP MLAs also need security.”

“There are a large number of SP MLAs who are making life miserable for people. Vishambhar Singh Yadav, MLA from Baberu in Banda district, threatened Superintendent of Police Udai Shanker Jaiswal in February this year. Later, Bhagwan Sharma alias Guddu Pandit, MLA from Dibai in Bulandshahr, allegedly slapped a primary school teacher Shashi Bushan and locked him in a room in his house in Aligarh for about an hour.

“Santosh Pandey, MLA from Sultanpur, in October 2012 manhandled some employees of a local car workshop and drove off in his Tata Safari without paying a bill of Rs 75,000.

Earlier, Shailendra Yadav Lallai, SP MLA from Jaunpur, manhandled the security personnel in a high-security zone. All these MLAs already have some policemen in their security ring,” Tripathi said.

Closure report in Haq case By Rajat Rai in Lucknow

A division bench of CBI court, Lucknow Escorts, on Wednesday directed the agency to provide the closure report and all documents related to the murder of DSP, Kunda, Zia-ul-Haq to his widow Parveen Azad.

Parveen reached the CBI court on Wednesday to take a copy of the closure report filed by the CBI in which it has given a clean chit to Kunda MLA Raghuraj Pratap Singh alias Raja Bhaiya.

Haq was killed during a clash between two groups in Balipur village in March this year and Parveen had named Raja Bhaiya as one of the accused in her complaint.

The CBI conducted a polygraph test on Raja Bhaiya in June and gave him a clean chit on August 1 in its closure report.

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