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Meet Benjamin Horton

My name is Benjamin Horton, I am a Cystic Fibrosis fighter, a boxer, a woodworker, a Genentech employee, a son, a brother, a boyfriend and most importantly a story teller. Storytelling is taken very seriously in my family, we all tell tall tales about the trials and legendary adventures we have experienced. These stories are born of the seemingly mundane and trivial details of an average life. This has taught me from a very young age that an ordinary life viewed through the right lens makes for an incredible story.

The stories we tell each other are very important, however what is much more important than that are the stories we tell ourselves. Will you describe your life as a tragedy, a dark comedy or maybe you will choose to make your life story an epic tale of adventure and conquest. Together we will catalog what it is like to fight for your life everyday. Together we will find within each other compassion, understanding and inspiration to keep fighting.

I look forward to reading your story.



I have avoided being honest about my illness for so long that the lies I tell feel more real than the truth does. The truth is, I am doing well for the first time in

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