How Green Is Your Election Audit?

The other 10 appointees, election audit Gardner and Formella said, “will be chosen daily by random drawing at 4 p.m.” each day, for attendance at the following day’s audit proceedings. Five percent of the State’s election districts were randomly chosen to be audited, as required by state law. The audits were not conducted and reported as required by law. Instead, these audits reduce our confidence in election officials, concludes the non-partisan Connecticut Citizen Election Audit. Observers have noted that the results of the audit could trigger more audits in other states where the vote totals suddenly surged – almost exclusively for Joe Biden – in dark-of-the-night vote total updates. “It has been over a year since Russia’s campaign to interfere in our elections and undermine our democracy was uncovered, and yet neither the Trump White House nor Republicans in the House have done anything of substance to stop it from happening again. The company conducting the audit has minimal experience in election tallying, and its chief executive has expressed support for former President Trump. Arizona Senate President Karen Fann authorized the Republican review of the 2020 election results that is now entering its seventh week. Ahead of the 2020 election, CISA focused on helping local governments harden their cybersecurity systems.

But Fann, in prior conversations with Capitol Media Services, said going beyond a simple hand count is necessary to determine not just that the results were accurate but that the systems set up to run elections are proper. The county spent $6.1 million to lease the machines from Dominion Voting Systems in a three-year contract that expires before the 2022 election. It involves recounting the nearly 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County in last year’s election. Senate in Maricopa County – is expected to be complete by the end of June. The state Senate is not expected to return to work until Thursday, after a two-week hiatus. Another bill before the committee would remove a voters’ party affiliation from the return envelopes for absentee ballots. Last week Georgia Superior Court Judge Brian Amero ordered a forensic audit by independent experts of 147,000 mail-in ballots counted in Fulton County, which includes Atlanta. An estimated half of all ballots have been counted. Reports have emerged of Cyber Ninjas’ volunteers suspiciously regarding “Cheeto finger” on a ballot as potential evidence of fraud, waving black lights around, and searching for bamboo fibers and something called kinematic artifacts to prove the same.

The fastest tables spent about 6 seconds per ballot. 2. Does the ballot have a signature that matches the voter registration card? Taken out of context, some voter registration information may appear to suggest suspicious activity, but are actually innocuous clerical errors or the result of intended data practices. PHOENIX — Tactics planned by election auditors hired by the Senate to verify the outcome of the 2020 race are illegal and even criminal, attorneys for various voter rights issues contend. Hobbs has been a consistent critic of the election audit, which is being pushed by Republicans in the state Senate to call into questions the results from the 2020 presidential race in Arizona’s largest county, which went for President Biden. The most visible piece of the partisan audit – a hand recount of the 2.1 million votes for president and the U.S. Seven months after the November election, the audit won’t overturn the results of the presidential or U.S. However, it will not change the outcome of the November election,” the Secretary of State’s office asserted.

Officials launched an audit in Windham – a town of 15,000 people near the Massachusetts border – earlier this month, after a recount of a tight state race last November ended with almost 400 votes changing between candidates. 39% of official audit reports submitted by town registrars were incomplete. Hobbs has repeatedly criticized the audit and tried to stop it. Hobbs on Wednesday sent a letter to the Senate’s liaison to its recount contractor, former Secretary of State Ken Bennett, formally laying out a series of problems with the policies. Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) is receiving security protection from the Arizona Department of Public Safety after she received several death threats during a controversial election audit in Maricopa County. NOW Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s office has assigned state troopers to provide round-the-clock protection to @SecretaryHobbs after report of death threats. Below is a report that DML News gives a 4 OUT OF 4 STARS trustworthiness rating. In 2019, he participated in a report that stated those machines may have failed to record votes in the 2018 Georgia election. Several people have tried to change New Hampshire’s election laws to require the machines to more clearly flag over-voted ballots, but those proposals have run into opposition from the Secretary of State’s office.

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