Having a Good Luck Day Out With a Lucky DrinkThere are many stories of how the ‘lucky drink’ first came into being. Many of these have vivid color pictures of goblets that look like real glasses. Some have funny sound effects and music as they play. Others contain codes for gambling, while some have pictures of beer mugs that look like umbrellas. And then there are tales of those who get lucky by drinking from the ‘hot dog’ symbol in a certain coffee shop. Whatever the story, these ‘lucky drinks’ are enjoying a resurgence of popularity that is likely fueled in part by our fascination with stories of how people became lucky.

But what is a lucky drink? The term lucky comes from the French language. It means wicked or fortunate. In the English language the word lucky is used to mean good. For this reason some people believe the term is a synonym for luck. If you are asking the question ‘what is a lucky drink?’ you may be thinking it is some kind of exotic concoction that only a person from the far east might know. You may be surprised to find that one of the most common ingredients in drinks all over the world is lime.

This brings to mind the saying’Lime in da cup! ‘. There are many drinks that fall into the happy hour category. They include sangria, martini, prosecco and many others. The Martini is a particularly interesting example. Made with just three ingredients, this drink can include anchovies on top, white wine and the famous Vodka lemonade, for a full carbonated pop sensation. One of the oldest drinks around comes to mind when you ask ‘what is a lucky drink’.

Bacall is one that has enjoyed many loyal fans over the years. A simple combination of rum, triple sec, triple grain and amaretto it has stood the test of time for its ability to replicate the high notes of the drink it’s served. Bacall also happens to be a very affordable option for the enthusiast. Another well known happy hour drink is the Manhattan. This is one of those drinks you can get at just about any bar in America. It is a drink that can be enjoyed by anyone and usually goes down a treat.

It is known to contain bartenders that have perfected the technique of turning an average Joe into a discriminating guest. Manhattan’s often come in the form of a Manhattan bar. These are bigger than your normal drink, and the bartenders will really get the drinks flowing for your enjoyment. Some people also associate lucky drinks with certain types of music. Many classical songs were written around the time when music was at its height in popularity.

Therefore, many of the bars that are famous for playing popular music also serve as great places to enjoy a good cocktail. One can enjoy a nice cocktail with any type of music from Elton John to Liberace. The final famous happy hour drink is the Martini. It is a drink that is not only popular for its delicious flavor but also for its legendary appearance. Many people think of the Martini as appearing in the Hollywood movies and having been seen in many famous bars throughout the world.

The Martini actually was invented in New York City. However, the Martini is so popular that it is the most ordered drink at bars throughout the world. If you are looking for a good happy hour drink that is out of this world, then look no further than the Martini. A lot of people are under the impression that the Martini actually was invented in order to make gambling more fun. However, the Martini actually was created as a way to introduce people to the Martini brothers.

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