Advantage of Ceramic Grinding Media for Mining Business

The consumable value of mining enterprises accounts is the biggest proportion of the total price of mines, how to reduce the cost of mine consumption has always been a problem in your entire mine field. Ceramic balls have been used as grinding media in fine grinding for a lot of years. They’re mainly used in high-speed rotary fine grinding equipment, such as ISA grinding, Smith VXP grinding, Metso SMD grinding, etc. These gadgets are characterised by high pace between media. The velocity difference formed by the motion produces a grinding action to grind the material. The vertical spiral agitating mill primarily depends on the low-pace rotation of the spiral agitator to drive the pressing force and shearing drive generated by the grinding media to grind the material. The density of the media is one of the essential factors affecting the grinding effect.

High-chromium metal ball is a traditional grinding medium for vertical mixing grinding in mining trade, it has high hardness and good wear resistance. Atypical ceramic balls are lighter in density and have a decrease hardness. With the advancement of wear-resistant supplies technology, a new type of nano-ceramic ball based on alumina or zirconia has emerged in recent years.

Accumulate below advantage of ceramic grinding media for your reference:

1. Energy saving

Under the identical grinding process conditions, the quantity of ceramic grinding media is massive, but the total mass is small, and the energy saving effect is very obvious.

2. Reduce the consumption of produced media

Through calculation, the yield of medium-produced medium metal ball is 0.sixty eight~0.eleven kg/t, while the consumption of ceramic grinding media is 0.052~0.063 kg/t, which is calculated by the value of ceramic ball 35 000RMB/t and high chromium forging ball 7 800RMB/t. After altering to ceramic balls, the cost of production per unit of production might be reduced by about 65%.

3. Prolengthy the service life of spiral liner

After changing with ceramic ball media, the lifetime of the vertical mill spiral liner will increase.

4. Shorten single inspection time

The ceramic ball has uniform hardness inside and outside, and it is always in a spherical state after wear, and the surface is smooth. Nevertheless, due to its uneven hardness, the steel ball has irregular polygonal bodies after wear, which determines that the ceramic ball is more simply discharged from the volleyball, which can successfully shorten Volleyball time. After the grinding door is opened, as a result of light density of the ceramic ball, the labor intensity of manually removing the remaining sphere on the bottom is lower than that of the metal ball.

5. Reduce iron impurity air pollution

For many non-metallic minerals, the impurity content, especially iron, determines the quality grade of the product. Many non-metal grinding processes are used to reduce iron impurities, and iron removal is usually carried out throughout processing. If ceramic grinding media is used within the fine grinding stage, the iron impurity contamination will be effectively reduced.

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